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Getting Ready

The journey to opening Peterson Family Chiropractic has been been one of the most exciting, rewarding, and challenging experiences I have had i recent memory. After many construction delays we are currently weeks away from opening our doors. 

I have been having a remarkably fun time getting all the equipment and shopping for all of the finer things the office needs to run. It seems like every day I remember something else I need and I'm back online searching for the best deal. From face paper, to decor, exam equipment and window decals for office hours and such. Its remarkable how many things you need and there is always something else I'm forgetting. 

Last week I went through a hiring process looking for a front desk staff member who could be a great asset to Peterson Family Chiropractic. I met a lot of great people and had an absolute blast being on this side of the hiring process. Originally I was hiring just a single staff member who could be a jack of all trades, but after going through the hiring process it was too difficult to just pick one. I wound up hiring two women who I feel will compliment not only each other but also the practice as whole. I just know that all my future patients will love them and the services they'll be providing. 

As much fun as all of this has been it hasn't come without its stressful elements as well. Some decisions are difficult to make. I spent almost an entire week just writing various office policies and procedures and making sure all my t's are crossed and my i's are dotted. There truly is no such thing as a paperless office and paperwork rules my life right now. Fortunately our new electronic health system and this new website will take some of the paper headache off hour hands and streamline the process for patients as well.

One of the downsides to all this work is that it has caused me to focus mostly on my work and responsibility and I have lapsed a little bit in taking care of myself. Maintaining ones health is and always should be a top priority for everyone, but all too often we let it fall into the background as we focus on more present matters. It may not seem like much but many of our daily activities can and do cause stress and strain on our bodies and if left unattended may lead to problems down the line. Stress is often called the silent killer while it may never be listed as an actual cause of death, it leaves our body vulnerable. When we are stressed our bodies produce extra amounts of cortisol. in small doses cortisol is a great thing and allows our bodies to quickly adapt to a stressful environment by regulating blood flow and other body functions. The problem is many of us lead stressful lives or let stress control our actions. Over time this stress leads to things like fatigue, weight gain, mood changes in the short term and even things such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and infections in the long term. Some simple strategies to help reduce stress include removing the stressor, increasing sleep, meditation, exercise, and chiropractic manipulation. When we are stressed we tend to tense up and have bad posture, which leads to decreased range of motion and muscle tightness and fatigue.  While there's not a specific adjustment for stress one of the "side effects" of manual therapies is relaxation of the soft tissues. No on thing is a cure for stress, but having a good strategy to deal with stress is essential for a happy lifestyle. Look for ways to improve diet and exercise, get out into nature, read a book, and avoid unnecessary stress when possible. Add in chiropractic care on top of these strategies to help with the physical manifestations and  you have a strong strategy to reduce the risk of stress related effects and illnesses. 

I'm looking forward to the day I can open my doors and welcome in the community. I love to help people feel better. Whether that be with chiropractic care or lifestyle strategies my goal is simple; to help everyone who walks in my door to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

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