At Peterson Chiropractic Inc. of Chino Hills, a friendly neighborhood chiropractor with a long history of service in this community, we see a lot of patients with knee pains. We’d love to help you, and that begins with you helping yourself. Before you bring your knees in to be checked out and tuned up by our chiropractic specialists, here are a few questions about Knee Pain that you can answer for yourself.

Where is the Pain Located on the Knee?

The knee is one of the most complex structures in the entire human body, and different pains in different areas can signify entirely different issues. Some pains are caused by compression of the cartilage, others by pinched nerves and even more by tendons and ligaments that have been stretched too tight. All these problems manifest in slightly different areas of the knee, and in slightly different ways as well. It should be noted whether the pain is intermittent, constant, periodic, or perhaps even influenced by climatic conditions.

Will Exercise Help My Knee or Hurt It?

The answer to that can be very simple; any exercise that doesn’t hurt it will help it. This means that you can do deep knee bends, stretches, or even go for a jog. However, running on hard concrete in bad shoes can be very, very hard on the knees. Carrying heavyweights, especially on hard floors, can also exacerbate damage to the knee and cause even more pain.

Will My Knee Require Surgery?

There is no way to know for sure without looking at it, but one thing is clear. No matter what is going on in your knee, it can be remediated and alleviated with techniques we can apply in our Chino Hills office of Peterson Chiropractic, Inc. We can diagnose, recommend treatment, and begin the process of healing. The lion’s share of knee problems can be treated with simple adjustments over a period of time and an improved regimen of diet and exercise. For those whose knees require more intervention, the surgery will be all the more effective and the healing all the more thorough after our work. We are also of great assistance during rehabilitation. Visit us today to set your knees on the road to recovery.

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